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Wow... I actually remember the password for this account! Yay! It's been 6 days since Aloha Petroleum took over our gas station. For the most part it's been good, but this not having to cook thing makes the time go slower and it's boring. There's only so many times you can clean our "dance floor" without going crazy. I hope today is busy so the time flies by.

I finally named one out of eight of my kitties. XD She's always following me around and she'd laying in my lap while I'm typing this. I think the sound of me typing makes her interested in the keyboard. DON'T GO THERE KITTY!

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My computer is being a butt and won't let me sign into MSN. It keeps erroring so I've given up for now. Plus I'm looking up Fafner pics and the loading time keeps verying. >__> If anyone need to contact me or whatever just write to me here. Stupid compy!!!

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I dunno why but I always end up updating when I'm half delirious since I've been up cuz I worked Grave.

Tia's sister lent me Shamanic Princess and Final Fantasy Advent Children. I couldn't really get into Shamanic Princess but I liked Advent Children. It may have broken my brain. After it was done I found out that Reno is Hughes, Kadaj is Kirahara and Sephiroth is Naraku. Shinn, Atobe, Winry and Haruhi are in it too. @___@ Hahaha. I dunno why I'm not using the seiyuu's names. I know what most of them are but refering to them by character makes it confusing and fun!

I need to find an tanipuri ep with Mizuki in it. I don't really remember what he sounds like though I know he sounded gay. I love Wanko but the way he was talking reminded me of a cross between Mizuki & Athrun? I suppose. I can't remember! BOO!!

I should watch the first ep of Fafner! I like the music. I think I freaked out the people at work cuz I was listening to the BGM one morning. XD Wanko song!! Uhhh... I dunno why I associate the second Ueki ending song with Wanko. XP I have issues!

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HAHAHAHA. Looking at random Ueki fanart/novel pages is bad. There's pairings out there that I don't want to know about... >__>


Okay... Maybe just those two but I don't really like Ueki/Kobasen either..
I guess I'll just post random odai's here. If anyone wants to use them go ahead. They're just something I came across in my search.

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I can't remember where I found the Ueki/Mori one which is totally sad cuz that's what I was searhcing in the first place. And I never came across a Sano/rinko one yet. T___T I shall post more as I find them!

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Does anybody even read my journal? If not that's okay! I can't believe I'm still awake, though I'm off today so it aint' to bad. I figured out that the difference between Rinko's song from her single and the one on my Law of Songs Cd is that one has drums in it. XD It was driving me insane. I was like What the hell is different! I finally managed to burn off a Cd that has the firts and second ending on it. Now I just have to find the third ending and I'll be all good. The song True Blue is totally missing. T__T I dunno what to do about it. Hitomi Shimatani's songs seem pretty good. Maybe I should get her album but I dunno. I just found out yesterday that I pre-ordered a T.M. Revolution CD from CDJapan that doesn't come out 'til next month. >__> ROBERT!!!!!!!! Atobe, I like the version you sent me of give me more better than the one on the Law of Songs CD. MUST....SLEEP....OR...NAP...OR...WHATEVER... @___@

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Hehe. I just got home from work O_o about 2 hours ago. I honestly didn't think it had been that long. I'm trying to dl the songs I'm missing from Ueki but I just can't find one of them. >__> Boo. I got my Law of Songs CD in the mail yesterday. I think I finished watching the series yesterday too. @__@ I must watch it again cuz watching it on YouTube isnt' as good as the DVD. I'm a little distubed by the fact that some of the songs on the Law of Songs Cd are a different version than the ones I burned off. Like Mori's has this drum lead in and Robert's song give me more is all techno. Even Tenko's song is all pretty and the rockness doesn't start as soon as my other one. Must burn another CD!

My BitTornado was being stupid so I uninstalled it and got BitComet. Though I think mine looks different than Momo's. I should probably go to sleep soon. I think I'm gonna have problems cuz the sun is like higher than it usually is when I go to sleep.

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GUH!!1 My computer died last night o sometime this week I'm thinking of getting a new one. I'm borrowing my brother's right now . GRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr....... I dunno what to do.. T___T

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I'm still awake and working on the pics for the tags for the craft fair. XD I think mine look okay. I made like 5 different ones for Tamaki cuz some look tweaked. I need to make more of Mori but I don't have many good pics of him. Must search for more! I just realized I have no pics of Orochimaru. Awww. Yzak's song finished. Boo. The piano version of Ignited reminds me of the piano verison of Target~Akai Shougeki~ from Digimon 02. @__@ Thank You Jirou for the Piano version of Kimi wa Boku ni Niteru. I think that was the title. SHINN!!! I should sleep now....

EDIT: Only 20 minutes later and I have more to write. Dammit! After reading Jirou's post in her journal I've come to the conclusion we could have used Azumanga Daioh as one of the series. I don't really feel like changing the series right now but I should probably ask Momo tomorrow. I don't wanna change Ouran or Bleach but Naruto was hard with the Kanji names and I dunno if I wanna change that. Plus with Naruto me and Momo are girl Characters but Jirou is a guy. HAHAHAHA. Okies! Actually going to sleep now!

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I found Shinn's Song!! I have to go to sleep soon so I'm just gonna post this here so I can find it later

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I finally put up my Gundam Seed Destiny Posters which you can see here:
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I can't stop staring at them when I'm sitting on my bed. I haven't put up the Meirin and Lunamaria one since I dunno what to do with it. The rest are around the head of my bed. XD I can't stop staring at them!! It's pretty bad and then I really don't know what I'm gonna do with the Clear Plates once I get them. @__@

Gah! I have to leave for work in about an hour. Working 10-6 kinda sucks butI'm off tomorrow so I guess it's kinda ok.

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