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エントリズ 仲間等 カレンダー インフォ 前 次
I'm still awake and working on the pics for the tags for the craft… - 探偵たちの鎮魂歌(レクイエム)
I'm still awake and working on the pics for the tags for the craft fair. XD I think mine look okay. I made like 5 different ones for Tamaki cuz some look tweaked. I need to make more of Mori but I don't have many good pics of him. Must search for more! I just realized I have no pics of Orochimaru. Awww. Yzak's song finished. Boo. The piano version of Ignited reminds me of the piano verison of Target~Akai Shougeki~ from Digimon 02. @__@ Thank You Jirou for the Piano version of Kimi wa Boku ni Niteru. I think that was the title. SHINN!!! I should sleep now....

EDIT: Only 20 minutes later and I have more to write. Dammit! After reading Jirou's post in her journal I've come to the conclusion we could have used Azumanga Daioh as one of the series. I don't really feel like changing the series right now but I should probably ask Momo tomorrow. I don't wanna change Ouran or Bleach but Naruto was hard with the Kanji names and I dunno if I wanna change that. Plus with Naruto me and Momo are girl Characters but Jirou is a guy. HAHAHAHA. Okies! Actually going to sleep now!

ムード: ecstatic I *heart* SHINN!!!!
テーマ: Primal Innocence - Shinn Asuka