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OMG I'm still awake!! - 探偵たちの鎮魂歌(レクイエム)
OMG I'm still awake!!
Hehe. I just got home from work O_o about 2 hours ago. I honestly didn't think it had been that long. I'm trying to dl the songs I'm missing from Ueki but I just can't find one of them. >__> Boo. I got my Law of Songs CD in the mail yesterday. I think I finished watching the series yesterday too. @__@ I must watch it again cuz watching it on YouTube isnt' as good as the DVD. I'm a little distubed by the fact that some of the songs on the Law of Songs Cd are a different version than the ones I burned off. Like Mori's has this drum lead in and Robert's song give me more is all techno. Even Tenko's song is all pretty and the rockness doesn't start as soon as my other one. Must burn another CD!

My BitTornado was being stupid so I uninstalled it and got BitComet. Though I think mine looks different than Momo's. I should probably go to sleep soon. I think I'm gonna have problems cuz the sun is like higher than it usually is when I go to sleep.

ムード: awake awake
テーマ: うえきの法則キャラクターソングアルバム The Law Of Songs!

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tryogrl From: tryogrl Date: January 25th, 2009 08:44 am (UTC) (リンク)
tryogrl From: tryogrl Date: January 25th, 2009 08:45 am (UTC) (リンク)
2 覚悟しました とか 掛かって来い